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The number of children in the United States who become sick and die of many known childhood illnesses is dwarfed by the number of kids who die or are crippled by injuries — what we call "accidents." According to The Future of Children, a publication of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, these injuries cause, on average, about 37 children's deaths each day and cost society billions of dollars annually. 

Most of these injuries are the result of car crashes, residential fires, drownings and pedestrian collisions. Sometimes injuries are caused by defective products such as toys, tainted foods or other items that can be dangerous to young children.

This information is not intended to frighten readers, but intended to alert parents and other caregivers about possible dangers in the home, on the playground, on the streets — everywhere children can be found.

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Resuscitation Classes

Lurie Children's offers resuscitation classes for family and friends, healthcare providers and emergency nursing pediatric courses. Learn more about our resuscitation classes.

Additional Information

Visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website for the latest announcements of product recalls and other childhood safety bulletins.

Thank you to Kohl's Cares for helping support our programs and furthering our mission to make Chicago a safer place for children.

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Kohl’s Department Store helped create the Kohl’s Cares Play it Safe Program at Lurie Children’s, which focuses on injury prevention in neighborhoods throughout Chicago. The initiatives include Playground Safety, Home Safety and School Sports Safety. Kohl’s also helps fund research programs to track injury trends, youth development and poison prevention.

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